Wedding Bells Are Ringing

So a friend I know is getting married. I was trying to decide if I should knit her a wedding shawl, and this is what went through my head.

* Her wedding is in February, and it’s actually gets cold in February, like -20, so it would potentially get worn.*

*I loved my shawl, who wouldn’t want a wedding shawl*

*But what if she doesn’t like shawls???*

*I don’t know her that well. Maybe I’m just looking for reasons to buy more wool?*

We aren’t very close, and I don’t like knitting for people who I’m not sure will receive it well. I think I would feel bad if I invested my time, thought, and feelings into something that she didn’t want. Anyways, I spoke to her Fiancée about it and he assured me that she would love that, and chickcanknit told me to do it in her wedding colours. My husband gave me carte blanche to get whatever I wanted, heh, heh, heh, fool! In the end I ordered Madelinetosh Prairie in the colour Tart. I love this colour!

For my shawl pattern, I did the Hortense Lace Shawl pattern by Anna Victoria. I really enjoyed this pattern, it  ended up flying off the needles on my holiday. Plus I did use this as an excuse to get new needles. I wanted a nice wood set of circulars so my stitches wouldn’t slip off too easily. I ended up getting the Knitter’s Pride dreamz. To be honest, I didn’t think I was going to like these needles, but in the end I really enjoyed using them. So I definitely recommend giving them a try. I was stuck on what size needles I wanted to use so I went bigger size just to fit the gauge. Honestly, I prefer the stitch definition of 3.75mm, but it was just not meeting the right gauge.

Anyways, here’s the results.



I ended using over 300 hundred beads for sure. I know it’s not a ring shawl but I still think it came out really nice. Sorry about the sad pictures, I’m always to gung-ho to pause for pictures.



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